Dragon Fly Effect on Cameras

This was an email that I received from Dragan in Bosnia. I felt it was pertinent to share because of the importance of the technology encoded in nature all around us – and in our own bodies – we are advanced biological tools ourselves

Hi Michael,
Watched your Sedona 2017 presentation. The Dragon Fly part was out of this world!!!
I will share you an experience with my wife and 4 kids on our holiday at my dad’s Village in the Serbian part of Bosnia in 2016.
As we all went there for the first time there is a rebuilt Monastery that was demolished in the 13th century. As we got out of our hired van there were thousands of Dragon Flys hovering around us next to the rebuilt monastery and no where else!
I told my wife to pull the digital Nikon camera out and take photos of them.
She said I can’t that nothing is coming through on the digital screen of the camera , the screen is only black.
I took it off her and tried myself turning the camera on and off!
I too, tried to capture pictures of all these Dragon fly’s above us.
Nothing … every time I clicked only black screen.
As we walked away from the monastery we tried to take pictures and the camera worked as per normal.
As you say connect the dots it makes sense after watching your presentation.
The buzzing of the wings from thousands of Dragon flys created a frequency that creates a saser beam that create a magnetic field around them!
That is why I still have all those black shots stored on my laptop from attempts to take photos.
The magnetic field of the Dragon fly’s affected the camera at that moment.
My entire family of 6 witnessed this moment that we can never forget!
Best regards