Stone Circle Ruins Research Expedition

NEXT Expedition: 6-19 August 2018:     12 place only.

To secure your place email me at with heading: Stone Circle Research Expedition

A Combination of Exploration, Research & Site-seeing

If the spirit of exploration beats in your heart – and you have a passion for discovery, join me, Michael Tellinger for a series of expeditions among the ancient stone ruins of Southern Africa. While we will explore the main sites, every expedition will be unique with a different path – to cover the large area that holds so many ancient secrets. The more time we spend at the sites, the more information we absorb – that’s just the way it works.

We will explore many stone circles, discover new ones, Adam’s Calendar, the Giant Foot print, Ngwenya Mine – Swaziland, rock carvings, tools and artifacts, existing sites and new sites. We will examine; investigate; photograph; video; take measurements; evaluate; catalogue; and gather critical information that will shed new light on the mysterious ruins, their origins and purpose. Our intention is to use different areas of research science to show how everything is connected and how everything around us effects everything else.

During this journey, we will also take time out to relax and enjoy our time together while we visit the Kruger Park and other sacred sites.

We will attempt to cover the following areas of research on our journey if and where possible: Archaeology; geology; erosion; patina growth; sound frequencies; electromagnetic measurements; astronomy; archaeo-astronomy; soil samples; sediments; infrared photography; genetics; botany; mineral content; artefact; fossils; dating techniques; aerial photography; oral tradition; shamanic teachings – and other activities.

Programme Details:

DATE: 6-19 August 2018 – A 14-day journey

TRAVEL Instructions: Book flights to O.R TAMBO International Airport in Johannesburg to arrive on 5 August 2018 before 1 pm. A bus will bring the group once everyone has arrived – OR a shuttle will be arranged for those who arrive at later hour. Meeting place on arrival is the INTERCONTINENTAL Hotel – right outside arrivals hall – on the deck under the umbrellas or inside the hotel lounge if weather is bad. Book flight to Depart on Monday 20 August 2018.

Please avoid early morning return flights – that means that you will have to stay over at the airport hotel the night before. We cannot get you to the airport for early departure flights.  Most flights to the EU and Americas leave in the late afternoon or evening – and are overnight flights.

CAPACITY:  12 people maximum

COST OF PARTICIPATION: US$ 2000 all inclusive (R20,000 for South African participants – does not include international or local flights)

INCLUDED in the price: You will be provided with accommodation; all meals; picnics or packed food when travelling; all transport, and some tools for the research where possible.

EXCLUDED from price: International or local flights; alcoholic drinks; personal addiction to snacks and other fetishes

ACTIVITIES: We may break up to explore in groups of 2-4, with diverse specialties and interests in each group. We will only use the most reputable research facilities for analyses.

IMPORTANT: If you have any unique and specialised tools or equipment that will help us with our research – please notify me and bring it with you to help us with our research.

EQUIPMENT: If you have any specialized tools or equipment that you can donate or loan to the Stone Circle Research Programme – please email me to make arrangements. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated and displayed in the NEW Stone Circle Museum.

FITNESS: You have to be fit, and healthy, and able walk up steep hills, climb rocks, and able to spend long days in the sun and on the mountains.

ACCOMMODATION: Is basic but clean – shared in 2 or 3 – Couples will be placed together

BOOK NOW: Reserve your place – 12 people max.

Send an email to to book your place – the first 12 people will be signed up.

DEPOSITS: $1000 deposit will secure your place – make a deposit or pay the full $2000 via PayPal to

OR Direct Bank Transfer to: Michael Tellinger – ABSA Bank – Account no: 4050410558 – Branch code: 632005 SWIFT: ABSAZAJJ

ITINERARY: We will visit various stone circles, giant foot print, rock paintings, Adam’s Calendar and other secret places – Kruger Park is an extra option as a group or individual who want to go.


Office contact:   Tel: +27 (0)13 257 0479    Email: