Update on the New Stone Circle Museum Building

Please support the building of the new Stone Circle Museum. This is the latest image from today 7 Nov 2017 showing the progress. This will be a world class museum holding priceless artefacts like ancient cone shaped tools, torus stones, bird carvings, and so much more that have been collected over 10 years from among the ruins of Southern Africa. This is the only museum dedicated to showcase the vanished civilisations of Southern Africa, their advanced technology, Stone Circles, Adam’s Calendar and other related interests. I need all the support I can get – since I have been doing this on my own steal for 10 years. hope to see you here if you can make it. Pleas click the link for the fundraiser page: https://www.generosity.com/educatio…/new-stone-circle-museum

In unity & resonance – Michael Tellinger