The Giant Footprint – South Africa

This is the most spectacular footprint in rock found anywhere on Earth to date. There are others, but non are as fully formed and obvious as this one. Discovered in 1931 by a farmer called Stoffel Coetzee, while hunting – it has remained one of the most controversial sites in archaeology and geological research. Mainly because we know so little about the true nature of our reality and simple facts about geology. This footprint is in rough granite or Crystiform Granite as it is called here – most uninformed geologist quickly point out that this would be impossible to create as granite is and igneous rock, pushed up from below at very high temperatures. What most geologist fail to research is – what happens to granite when you crush it and process it to remove the minerals like gold and more. I was given a detailed report on this by a Canadian gold prospector, who told me that this is nothing new. Every year they leave behind wet slurry of processed crushed granite in the mountains when they break for winter. Upon their return in spring, they find animal and bird footprints in the slurry, which has subsequently turned to stone again and to an untrained eye it would seem impossible – to find animal print in granite. What we need to do is test this granite for its gold content. There are many strange anomalies at the Giant Footprint – which we will investigate in detail during our Research Internship Programme 8 Jan – 9 Feb 2018. Please see the details about the programme here: