Stone Circle Research Kicks Off

The first day of the Stone Circle Research Program was simply overwhelming. Since we are generally a conscious and spiritual group, we started out with an opening ceremony to bless our journey and for clarity of vision and comprehension – everyone voiced their intention for the group and themselves. After a strategic planning session during which we complied a long list of activities and research that will be initiated, we spent almost half the day in the museum getting acquainted with the ruins, the stones, the tools and the strange artifacts. Then, when everyone had a feel for what to look for, we headed out to explore and discover. This was the first time that a team of people set out into the mountains with a specific goal of research and discovery. Monday we will receive a GPR (Ground penetrating radar) tool which will become very useful in the weeks to come. We will be publishing our findings in a paper, supported by photos and videos, as this journey unfolds. Part of this first team’s task is to lay the foundation for future teams.
Here are some images from the first day in the field with the Stone Circle Research team. What an awesome group and what and awesome day. I will be sharing the exciting activities and research as we go.