Giant Bone Knuckle of 1 Mile high Giant

The Stone Circle Museum is filled with the fossilized evidence of giants, humanoids, reptilians, dinosaurs and extinct creatures whose shape and size simply boggle the mind. Once we come to terms with the fact that giants did exist in the past, all of this is very simple to see. These giants ranged from several time the size of humans, hundreds of metres tall – and possibly even as tall as a mile high – if you believe in the stories of the Bible and the Book of Enoch.

In the books of Leviticus we are told that the giants were so tall, that we looked like grasshoppers to them. And the Book of Enoch says that the giants were 3000 Ells tall – which would make them about 1,500 metres tall – or just short of one mile.

Come visit the Stone Circle Museum – – take a tour of the stone circle ruins; the rock paintings, the tools and artefacts of advanced technology; the Giant Footprint and see many gigantic fossils out on the mountains, too large to move to the museum. Experience a whole new aspect of human history and the vanished civilisations of Southern Africa. You will never see our world the same way again.  Keep exploring – Michael Tellinger

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Michael Tellinger stand in front of the bone knuckle of a giant being or beast – the place where the shaft was cut off is clearly visible – and the petrification of the blood and marrow that oozed out of the bone has taken on a very different finish to the rest of the knuckle. This being/creature would have been anything from 500 – 1000 times larger than the average human.

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m 20190110 115114