GIANTS in History

The discovery of the fossils of giants among the stone circles of South Africa has shifted the attention to GIANTS in history and their connection to the stone circle ruins themselves. I have found evidence that the beings that built the stone circles were larger than normal humans today – possibly 3 times as tall. […]

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Ancient Rock Paintings Reveal Advanced Chemistry

The mysterious and unique rock paintings of stone circles in South Africa, have been estimated to be well over 50,000 years old. It remains a big question – which came first… the stone circle ruins… or the rock art of the original structure itself as a plan or map. How can we be so sure […]

Dragon Fly Effect on Cameras

This was an email that I received from Dragan in Bosnia. I felt it was pertinent to share because of the importance of the technology encoded in nature all around us – and in our own bodies – we are advanced biological tools ourselves Hi Michael, Watched your Sedona 2017 presentation. The Dragon Fly part […]

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Michael Tellinger USA Tour 2019

17 Cities Details & Bookings HERE: Dear #fname This is for those who live in the USA. I will be on my 10th annual USA tour from 22 May to 22 July 2019. This is a big one  – we are visiting 17 cities and most of the USA. As always, there is so […]