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Michael Tellinger 2019 USA Tour

I will be on tour of the USA from 22 May 2019 – doing 17 Cities – with Presentations and Workshops. Please CLICK HERE for BOOKINGS and FULL details of the dates and cities. I will Cover the following topics: Convergence of ORIGINS – SCIENCE – SPIRITUALITY – CONSCIOUSNESS The Lost Civilisations of Southern Africa […]

Online Q&A Workshop

24 March 2019 10am Los Angeles Time – 8pm South African time – 6pm London Time – 5am Sydeny time Book HERE: https://portaltoascension.org/event/michael-tellinger-hidden-origins-march/ I will be doing an online session for those interested in engaging in a live workshop and Q&A session. The subjects will be: Origins of humankind South African Ruins and their relevance […]

UFO Cruise in October 2019

Join me on a 7-day cruise of a lifetime from San Diego to Mexico 6-13 October 2019. I will be doing several lectures and Q&A sessions along with a host of international speakers, scientists and researchers. My fiance Emma and I will be there and she will engage those who join us in her usual […]

Michael Tellinger at the 7th Annual Contact In The Desert

I will be at CONTACT in the DESERT again for the 6th annual appearance – with some of the biggest names in the world of scientific and archaeological research, human origins, medical research, ufology, history, spirituality, psychics, mystics and so many more incredible souls. From Erich von Däniken, Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, James Gilliland, Nassim […]

Dr Sam Osmanagic Visits Stone Circle Museum

It was a great pleasure to show my friend Dr Semir Osmanagic around the Stone Circle premises and share some of the latest discoveries of magnificent fossils – like the ribs, shoulder blade, hoof of strange creature, and the new heart that show internal parts like ventricles and septum. This was our launch to the […]

September 2019 Anunnaki, Mankind, Giants and Gold

TOUR 19 Sept – 3 Oct 2019 Special tour South Africa 19 Sept – 3 Oct 2019 for German and English speaking people with myself Michael Tellinger and USA master channeller Brad Johnson. Full details and BOOKINGS HERE: http://www.wonderworld.vacations/south-africa-with-michael-tellinger.html Featuring: Presentations by MICHAEL TELLINGER and channelings by BRAD JOHNSON Autumn Equinox Celebration at Adam’s Calendar […]

Giant Bone Knuckle of 1 Mile high Giant

The Stone Circle Museum is filled with the fossilized evidence of giants, humanoids, reptilians, dinosaurs and extinct creatures whose shape and size simply boggle the mind. Once we come to terms with the fact that giants did exist in the past, all of this is very simple to see. These giants ranged from several time […]

Another Fossilized Heart Found In South Africa

The Stone Circle Research Expedition team of Jan 2019, did not disappoint its participants. Once again the expedition delivered spectacular discoveries within the first two days. This fossilized heart about 3 times the size of a human heart was found among the stone ruins in the mountains of Mpumalanga province, South Africa. Many more fossilized […]

Special 2-Day Solstice Christmas Tour

I will be doing a unique 2-Day Solstice Tour on 21-23 December 2018 See Adam’s Calendar in its full glory on the sunset of the Summer Solstice 2018. Join me on a special Christmas Weekend among the Stone Circle Ruins – Museum Tour – Fossils of Giants – Adam’s Calendar and the Giant Footprint. 21-23 […]

UBUNTU Online Workshop Q&A – 19 Jan 2019

A training session for those interested in becoming National coordinators, Hosts of One Small Gathering Events and Promoters of ONE SMALL TOWN implementation. We will work through the finer details of implementation – the challenges and other important information that will help crystalise your thinking about UBUNTU – our strategy and plan of action into […]