Update on the New Stone Circle Museum Building

Please support the building of the new Stone Circle Museum. This is the latest image from today 7 Nov 2017 showing the progress. This will be a world class museum holding priceless artefacts like ancient cone shaped tools, torus stones, bird carvings, and so much more that have been collected over 10 years from among the ruins of Southern Africa. This is the only museum dedicated to showcase the vanished civilisations of Southern Africa, their advanced technology, Stone Circles, Adam’s Calendar and other related interests. I need all the support I can get – since I have been doing this on my own steal for 10 years. hope to see you here if you can make it. Pleas click the link for the fundraiser page: https://www.generosity.com/educatio…/new-stone-circle-museum

In unity & resonance – Michael Tellinger

Most advanced NEW Antenna in the Military unveiled.

Cone shaped technology rediscovered. Those that are familiar with my research into cone-shaped technology of the ancients – and showing how these cone shaped tools play a part in so many aspects of our lives and in nature – will find this simply mind-blowing and rather humorous. Once again the most advanced technology in the military emulates nature and ancient knowledge of cone shaped technology. Swedish scientist Henrik Holter wins award for this new-ancient technology. See link here:  http://saabgroup.com/Media/stories/stories-listing/2017-09/advanced-innovation-detected/
Keep exploring – Michael Tellinger

Nature of Our Reality

The last hour of my 2017 presentation Exploring the Nature of Our Reality from Sedona, Arizona. I urge you to keep an open mind and absorb new information – digest it and let it wash over you – even if you do not comprehend it at the time. “Having an open mind is like being pregnant – you can’t be half pregnant” Andy Stadler, my good friend who has passed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CzCDR0nv5g
Keep exploring – Michael Tellinger

New Rock Engravings Around Stone Circles

I was shown newly discovered breathtaking rock engravings between the ancient ruins of South Africa this week. There are over 100 in this area  – these will be among the areas we investigate from Jan 2018 in the first ever Stone Circle Research Programme. The main question in the case of these engravings is: How did they create them and why do they last so long? There seems to be no evidence of hammer and chisel technique in this case. The research programme will run indefinitely for as long as there is interest from people who want to join me. If you want to join please read the details and sign up on my website here: http://michaeltellinger.com/internships-and-volunteers/

Grammy Award Musician Performs at UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival

The amazing Grammy Award musician/singer, Chris Berry will be the main attraction on Monday 4th Dec 2017 at the UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival in Kansas City – with an additional line up of over 15 artists over 2 days. Book tickets on our website now and spread the message. http://consciousmusicfestival.org/

Tickets For UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival


Get your tickets for Uptown Theatre – Kansas City 3-4 December 2017 HERE
More than 15 artists over 2 days. Please share it with everyone who would like to participate in using our voices and music to spread the message of real hope and prosperity. We have a simple plan to get humanity out of this insane economic slavery system we are all trapped in. If you do not know our plan yet – please see the ONE SMALL TOWN video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV0jC9fvVK0


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ONE SMALL TOWN Interest Speeding Up.

I had a very successful quick trip to the USA – did presentations in Santa Fe, Austin and Dallas. The result has been astounding. We now have activity in 3 new SMALL TOWNS with access to conscious mayors who are already doing almost UBUNTU activity without realising it.
We have two UBUNTU USA members that will run for mayor in Austin TX and Santa Fe – and we have a possible Governor to implement the ONE SMALL TOWN strategy at the STATE level. All of this in just one week.
Thanks to Travis Duncan for all the support and Holliraja Vibration for her artistic contributions. NOW – let’s make the UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival a great success. Please share the website link with everyone who knows that we have to find a new way out of this slavery system.

UBUNTU Conscious Music – Time To Get Involved


If you are a supporter of the UBUNTU Contributionism philosophy and plan of action to co-create a new world – and if you live in North America, this is a time to act and do something. Get a ticket to the first UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival in Kansas City 3 & 4 December 2017 – Let us make this an unforgettable event and seed the UBUNTU consciousness into the fabric of creation with our music and song.  http://consciousmusicfestival.org/

This is an opportunity for all UBUNTU supporters in the USA to come together in one place and amplify our intention and share our knowledge with others who are new to the simple UBUNTU plan of action. Please share this with everyone.
Unity and Higher Consciousness for a New World
UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival – 2 days – 24 Artists – Shifting Consciousness.
Manifesting a new world of prosperity & abundance for all
Let every song, every word, and every note, liberate humanity from financial and corporate slavery
Honoring human sovereignty and the rights of indigenous and native people everywhere
Igniting a new kind of thinking – birthing new solutions for a world in desperate need of healing

Michael Tellinger


UPDATE FROM Mayor Ron Higgins

ONE SMALL TOWN – Can Change The World – initiative in North Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.
Update – “Presented my vision at the American Society for Quality – Canada Division’s first ever Canadian conference this week. Standards Council of Canada was in the audience and they would like to work with me to make it happen. Meeting them on Oct 13 to get the details.”
Join the UBUNTU Movement and become a seed of consciousness in your area. http://journeys.ubuntuplanet.org/bf.php?fid=2429

Michael Tellinger in Dallas Texas 15 October 2017



The Lost Civilisation of Southern Africa
Origins of Humankind – NEW DNA research
Adam’s Calendar and the Stone Circles
Gold Mining Empire of The Anunnaki
Advanced Technology of the Ancients – NEW Research
Nature of Reality – Sound – Cymatics and Magnetism
Sound as a Source of Energy – Free Energy
Convergence of Science – Spirituality and Consciousness


Co-creating a new world of abundance & prosperity for all  – The Rise of Consciousness
Exposing the Banking & Corporate Fraud
What do we do when the global economy collapses
UBUNTU Contributionism – A world free of money

Plan of action – How do we get from HERE to THERE

The Ubuntu workshop will dive into the local concerns and issues relevant to Central Texas, and how Ubuntu presents a simple solution – One Small Town – Can Change The World strategy

BOOK HERE:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/michael-tellinger-live-dallas-tx-tickets-38030785102  

DATE &  TIME:  Sun, 15 October 2017  3:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

VENUE: Unity on Greenville –  3425 Greenville Avenue – Dallas, TX 75206

Testing The Torus Stones & Cone Tools


I had the opportunity to do some breakthrough research on the frequencies and energies emitted by the torus stones and cone shaped tools on the 16th Sept 2017. The results were simply mind blowing and confirmed everything that I have been sharing for the past decade. The Torus stones emit very powerful energies – these are amplified and focused by the cone shaped tools. I will be sharing the info soon and we will be doing much more during our research programme 8 Jan – 9 Feb 2018. To find out more please see my website: http://michaeltellinger.com/internships-and-volunteers/

Stone Circle Ruins – Research Internship Programme

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8 Jan -9 Feb 2018

UPDATE: The response to this research programme has been so overwhelming it has taken me completely by surprise. More than twice the number of people we can accommodate have signed up in the first week. As a result of this I may take in more people that we originally wanted – BUT, I will definitely set up another 2 months in 2018 to continue this programme. Please sign up if you want to join – even if you do not make it into the first group – I will respond to all who signed up and accept everyone by the date order in which you applied.

For Enthusiasts and Post-graduates

If the spirit of exploration beats in your heart – and you have a passion for discovery and research, join me, Michael Tellinger for the first ever research expedition among the ancient stone ruins of South Africa.

For 4 full weeks we will explore many stone circles, Adam’s Calendar, the Giant Foot print, rock carvings, tools and artefacts, existing sites and new sites. We will examine; investigate; photograph; video; take samples; evaluate; catalogue; and gather critical information that will shed new light on the mysterious ruins, their origins and purpose. Our intention is to use different areas of research science to show how everything is connected and how everything around us effects everything else.


We will cover the following areas of research: Archaeology; geology; erosion; patina growth; sound frequencies; electromagnetic measurements; astronomy; archaeo-astronomy; soil samples; sediments; infrared photography; genetics; botany; mineral content; artefact; dating techniques; aerial photography; oral tradition; shamanic teachings – and other activities.

During this journey, we will also take time out to relax and enjoy our time together while we visit the Kruger Park and other sacred sites.

Programme Details:

DATE: 8 January – 9 February 2018

CAPACITY12 people maximum

COST OF PARTICIPATION: US$ 2000 all inclusive (R20,000 for South African participants) Does not include international or national flights. Participants need to make their own way to our venue in Waterval Boven, South Africa. Clear details will follow.

You will be provided with accommodation; food; all transport during the programme, and some tools for the research. We will work in groups of 2-4, with diverse specialities and interests in each group. We will only use the most reputable research facilities for analyses.

IMPORTANT: If you have any unique and specialised tools or equipment that will help us with our research – please notify me and bring it with you to help us with our research.

EQUIPMENT: If you have any specialised tools or equipment that you can donate or loan to the Stone Circle Research Programme – please email me to make arrangements. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated and displayed in the NEW Stone Circle Museum.

FITNESS: You have to be fit, and healthy, and able walk up steep hills, climb rocks, and able to spend long days in the sun and on the mountains.

JOIN EXPEDITION HERE:  http://michaeltellinger.com/internships-and-volunteers/


New Stone Circle Museum Making Good Progress


The building of the new Stone Circle Museum is coming on really well. This week we poured the final foundations of the additional circle, while the entrance portion is completed up to the roof level. I urge all these who support the research and preservation of the tools and artefacts and the knowledge that they carry, to please make a donation towards the building of the NEW STONE CIRCLE MUSEUM so that we can make it a true world class museum and a destination for travellers in this part of the world. Please make a donation on the crowdfunding page or simply click this link and donate what you can  https://www.paypal.me/ubuntuplanet

The crowd fundinig link is:  https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/new-stone-circle-museum


Giant Stone Phallus Found Near Adam’s Calendar

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We accidentally discovered a spectacular giant stone phallus proudly displayed at the forestry company’s offices, not far from where the Stone Man was kept for 2 years. It was the same company that removed the stone man from Adam’s Calendar in 1992. Lucky for us all they returned the stone closer to the calendar, just to place a plaque on it, commemorating opening of the Nature Reserve. I wonder if this giant phallus was part of Adam’s Calendar before it was removed and placed here. More research needs to be done. Please make a donation to the continued research and Stone Circle Museum. https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/new-stone-circle-museum

Tools and Artefacts at The Stone Circles

When you are out walking the mountains, exploring new stone circles, you never know when you will find a breath-taking tool or artefact. Covered in patina, showing its extreme age. Sometimes I find them in the most unexpected places. This is the largest portable stone tool found yet. Not sure if this is a bird or phallus at this stage but it is a truly spectacular discovery. But sometimes the large ones are not as impressive as the little gems that we find hidden in the strangest places OR lying in the open, washed out by the rain, ready to be discovered – to share its mystery. Please donate to the Stone Circle Research Programme here: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/new-stone-circle-museum


The Giant Footprint – South Africa


This is the most spectacular footprint in rock found anywhere on Earth to date. There are others, but non are as fully formed and obvious as this one. Discovered in 1931 by a farmer called Stoffel Coetzee, while hunting – it has remained one of the most controversial sites in archaeology and geological research. Mainly because we know so little about the true nature of our reality and simple facts about geology. This footprint is in rough granite or Crystiform Granite as it is called here – most uninformed geologist quickly point out that this would be impossible to create as granite is and igneous rock, pushed up from below at very high temperatures. What most geologist fail to research is – what happens to granite when you crush it and process it to remove the minerals like gold and more. I was given a detailed report on this by a Canadian gold prospector, who told me that this is nothing new. Every year they leave behind wet slurry of processed crushed granite in the mountains when they break for winter. Upon their return in spring, they find animal and bird footprints in the slurry, which has subsequently turned to stone again and to an untrained eye it would seem impossible – to find animal print in granite. What we need to do is test this granite for its gold content. There are many strange anomalies at the Giant Footprint – which we will investigate in detail during our Research Internship Programme 8 Jan – 9 Feb 2018. Please see the details about the programme here: http://michaeltellinger.com/internships-and-volunteers/