Out of the darkest hour – Comes the brightest light.

A Message to the UBUNTU family around the world and conscious beings everywhere. From Michael Tellinger – 31 Dec 2017 Imagine growing up in a family where one day your parents tell you that they love you, and the next day they tell you that they hate you, and that you are ugly and bad. […]

UBUNTU FESTIVAL 12-15 April 2018

MIND BODY SPIRIT – MUSIC ARTS CONSCIOUSNESS A celebration of the human spirit & the limitless expression of human creative talents. Sharing the skills, talents & knowledge of people from any countries, diverse cultures or backgrounds – to inspire each other to higher levels of unity consciousness – manifesting a beautiful world & future for. […]

A Time Before The Moon Was In The Sky

Many ancient people spoke about a time before the moon was in the sky – Aristotle, Democritus and Anaxagoras, Apollonius of Rhodes, Hippolytus and more. Now that we know the moon is not what we see – that a hologram hides the true body behind it – it becomes critical to question what the moon […]