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UBUNTU FESTIVAL 12-15 April 2018

Mbombela Stadium Mpumalanga – South Africa A celebration of the human spirit & the limitless expression of human creative talents. Sharing the skills, talents & knowledge of people from any countries, diverse cultures or backgrounds – to inspire each other to higher levels of unity consciousness – manifesting a beautiful world & future for all […]

UBUNTU FESTIVAL – Change of Venue

For reasons beyond our control, we had to move the UBUNTU FESTIVAL to a new venue. The Mbombela Stadium Complex in Nelspruit (Mbombela) is famous for its unique architecture of giant giraffes holding up the walls of the oval. It is also home to the Mpumalanga show and very suitable to handle our event in […]

Origins of Money – UBUNTU – Contributionism

Mel Fabergas of Veritas Radio interviews Michael Tellinger – History Of Money – Is Bitcoin a Trap?, – Is History Wrong On Human Origins? Anunnaki gold and the terrible truth we have to face to come to terms with our origins as a species. The absolute control and manipulation of humanity for millennia by the […]

A Time Before The Moon Was In The Sky

Many ancient people spoke about a time before the moon was in the sky – Aristotle, Democritus and Anaxagoras, Apollonius of Rhodes, Hippolytus and more. Now that we know the moon is not what we see – that a hologram hides the true body behind it – it becomes critical to question what the moon […]

Sacred Sites Adventure Tour Tour September 2018

A journey into the antiquity of the human spirit with internationally acclaimed researchers, explorers and authors Michael Tellinger & Dean Liprini. In Understanding the Interconnections of All Things, We Heal Ourselves, We Heal Our Earth. We will explore, interact with and connect to the nature and spirit of the ancient megalithic Sacred Sites of southern […]

Research Program Keeps Delivering New Discoveries

The Stone Circle Research Program is making stunning new discoveries almost every day at this stage. The discovery of ancient humanoid and animal mud fossils has take everyone by surprise. Now it seems that we are also finding parts of unknown animals; dinosaurs and giant beings. I am preparing to have some of the best […]

UBUNTU FEST – Get Your Tickets NOW

Our online ticket sales and room reservation is now live on our website. We have luxurious hotel rooms, log cabins, rondawels, chalets, cottages, and awesome clean camping for over 3000 people. Tell everyone who resonates with our philosophy of creating a new world of abundance and prosperity for all. Book your ticket HERE: http://ubuntufest.org/tickets/ You […]

Organic Matter Found Growing Inside Granite

The Stone Circle Research Team at the Giant Foot Print in South Africa – we found stunning evidence that there may be a much larger fossilized giant present there. We found strange organic matter growing out of layers and cavities inside a granite boulder. Not what you expect when you break open a stone. Genetic […]

Fossilized Giants Found In South Africa

Breaking news from the Stone Circle Research Program. For 10 years I have collected many strange and weird stones always wondering why they would accumulate only in this specific area. The past week I realised that we may be dealing with a large number of humanoid mud fossils in this area. Beings ranging from about […]

New Discoveries Made

The second day of our Stone Circle Research Program Vincent discovered a great Bird Stone – which will take its proud place in the museum, with the growing line up of other Bird Stones. We also realized that we may be walking on a large field of strange fossils from large humanoids. This has added […]

Stone Circle Research Kicks Off

The first day of the Stone Circle Research Program was simply overwhelming. Since we are generally a conscious and spiritual group, we started out with an opening ceremony to bless our journey and for clarity of vision and comprehension – everyone voiced their intention for the group and themselves. After a strategic planning session during […]