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Organic Matter Found Growing Inside Granite

The Stone Circle Research Team at the Giant Foot Print in South Africa – we found stunning evidence that there may be a much larger fossilized giant present there. We found strange organic matter growing out of layers and cavities inside a granite boulder. Not what you expect when you break open a stone. Genetic […]

Fossilized Giants Found In South Africa

Breaking news from the Stone Circle Research Program. For 10 years I have collected many strange and weird stones always wondering why they would accumulate only in this specific area. The past week I realised that we may be dealing with a large number of humanoid mud fossils in this area. Beings ranging from about […]

New Discoveries Made

The second day of our Stone Circle Research Program Vincent discovered a great Bird Stone – which will take its proud place in the museum, with the growing line up of other Bird Stones. We also realized that we may be walking on a large field of strange fossils from large humanoids. This has added […]

Stone Circle Research Kicks Off

The first day of the Stone Circle Research Program was simply overwhelming. Since we are generally a conscious and spiritual group, we started out with an opening ceremony to bless our journey and for clarity of vision and comprehension – everyone voiced their intention for the group and themselves. After a strategic planning session during […]

UBUNTU FESTIVAL 12-15 April 2018

MIND BODY SPIRIT – MUSIC ARTS CONSCIOUSNESS A celebration of the human spirit & the limitless expression of human creative talents. Sharing the skills, talents & knowledge of people from any countries, diverse cultures or backgrounds – to inspire each other to higher levels of unity consciousness – manifesting a beautiful world & future for. […]

THIS SUNDAY and MONDAY – 3&4 Dec 2017

An incredible line-up of talent The First UBUNTU Conscious Music Festival Click here to get tickets: http://consciousmusicfestival.org/ Join the LIVE STREAM: http://portaltoascension.org/event/conscious-music-fest-livestream/

Largest Cluster of Stone Ruins On Earth

Just a tiny glimpse of the breathtaking aerial views that we saw from the helicopter flight over the stone circles and ancient ruins of South Africa, with the German tour group. The oldest and largest cluster of stone ruins found anywhere on earth – dating back over 200,000 years. More than 10 million ruins lie […]

Giant’s Remains In Johannesburg

My German tour group was very fortunate to have been shown the remains of a giant at WITS University. This is the only remaining piece left – after it was discovered in Namibia in the early 60s. According to reports several bones and even entire skeletons of very large humanoids – well over 12 feet […]

Dome Building Workshop at Stone Circle UBUNTU Head Office

12-26 Feb 2018 – with Alosha Lynov and Michael Tellinger Learn how to build your own fully Off Grid home. We will construct two types of domes – Air Crete and Sandbag – joining together into one seamless structure. Our building site is nested in the midst of the ancient Stone Circle Ruins and we […]

Update on the New Stone Circle Museum Building

Please support the building of the new Stone Circle Museum. This is the latest image from today 7 Nov 2017 showing the progress. This will be a world class museum holding priceless artefacts like ancient cone shaped tools, torus stones, bird carvings, and so much more that have been collected over 10 years from among […]

Most advanced NEW Antenna in the Military unveiled.

Cone shaped technology rediscovered. Those that are familiar with my research into cone-shaped technology of the ancients – and showing how these cone shaped tools play a part in so many aspects of our lives and in nature – will find this simply mind-blowing and rather humorous. Once again the most advanced technology in the […]